I prefer talking to new coaching clients BEFORE they pay me a penny.  I want to answer your questions, ask you a bunch, and make sure the Virtual One-Day Strategic Planning Retreat is right for you.  Remember, I'm limiting this program to 15 advisors and business owners!  So, hit the button and schedule a time.

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I attended Maria’s business and marketing planning process in one day.  While completing the preparation documentation for the course, I realized that I was in a stagnant place and needed to do new things, including niching, to bring in new business.  I started thinking about important things I had never really thought about. Maria made the one-day process so easy and straightforward.

I had NEVER marketed before, but Maria and my business plan gave me STRUCTURED GUIDANCE. My customer base increased 10% after years of only 2% growth and web traffic increased by 20%. I speak more often (CE credit classes) and have gained 12 well-qualified referrals.

I use my plan to view the progress I’m making towards my goals…and if I’m not reaching them, I refocus to get myself in the right direction.  The template process provided is flexible and easy to change.  As a result, I am on track to regain the clients I lost due to the economy and to reach my goal of doubling my client base within the next 5 years.

A lot of financial people may not be marketing consistently or monitoring their efforts. Having a business and marketing plan like this would help them focus for a longer term, as it has helped me.

M.B,  CEBS, APA, ERPA, Retirement Plan Specialist
Pensacola, FL

Profits are Higher than Ever

Aside from forcing us to focus on growing our business, your program provides a logical, compelling, balanced template, and your hands-on support was insightful and effective. Despite this tough economic terrain, client satisfaction, client retention, our rates, and profits are higher than ever. Our business awareness is clearer. To be blunt, your help in teaching us when to “throw the fish back” and walk away from inappropriate candidate clients has saved us far more than what your strategic business program cost. We are looking forward to continuing to work with you to internalize what you teach.

Mike Klasco, Audio Engineer
Menlo Scientific, Richmond, CA