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The hours we spend at work average 50 hours a week according to the BLS*. As owners of our own business, and according to my new clients, that number is closer to 80 hours a week.

In an industry that’s been changing since its inception, is now is on its own technology based race track, and with fees and commissions going down, and regulation going up, it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed or burnout and unfill-filled personally, professionally or both.

Advisors and business owners, who are passionate about what they do, often have poor time management skills. Carving out time for your role as advisor, CEO, and private person means takes some planning.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 

  • You can't create more time, but you can examine your week to see where all your time does go.
  • Start adjusting your schedule so that it's a more realistic picture of what you can do in a day, week, etc.
  • Now is the time to reallocate what time you have and start living better.

Download the same scheduler, with instructions, my clients use in MS Excel format.  PLUS download a few other time saving business and life tools....

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  • Choose the Best Goals Tool For Your Use (out of 10)
  • Create Your Tolerations List - The biggest time wasters in your life
  • 1000 Possible Tolerations
  • Special Bonus.
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* NOTE: If you're working 50–80-hour weeks, as many advisors do, give yourself a break.  It's going to take you time (we find, often 6-12) to "live" your ideal schedule.  Make small changes each month, talk to your coach, and start delegating.  Also, never be so inflexible that you don't allow life to happen.  This is about managing your time, focusing on what you’ve deemed most important, and getting more accomplished.

I did my Executive Scheduler – it was very invigorating!


Now I can see where my time has been going.  No wonder I can't fit everything into a day's work! So clear now to see what's next to do.