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Financial Advisors & Professionals: Join a Free Productivity Day Event

"I Got More Done in One Day
Than I Did In The Last Week!"

Over and over, I hear those words from attendees! Are you ready?

Are there business tasks you’ve been putting off? Maybe you have a personal project you haven’t found the time to complete? Maybe you need support to walk for 10 minutes? What about the lists of things you promised yourself, your spouse, friend, or colleague you’d do–but are not done yet?

Integrity Day is time dedicated to completing a task or a group of tasks that have been taking up space and time in your mind. It doesn’t matter why the tasks haven’t been completed. The bottom line is that putting things off is not consistent with your values and it's time the tasks were completed. I have also found in my coaching practice that runaway to-do lists contribute to burnout.

Undone tasks cost you and your business plenty! Today, get things done with the support of your peers and me, Coach Maria.

Integrity Day is a program created by the "father of modern-day personal coaching", Thomas Leonard.  He was a financial planner, my coaching mentor and boss for 3 years.

Integrity day is about co-working with others and doing what we've said we'd do or finishing projects we've been putting off.  Thomas realized that trying to catch up on things by yourself didn’t always work, but when you combined your efforts with other like-minded people, the results could be amazing!

Join us as we all put aside quality time to complete things we’ve been putting off or start things we planned, but just hadn’t gotten around to yet…

Maria Marsala

All this may sound corny. I thought so, too.  But after attending an Integrity Day with “t”, my mentor back in 1998, I can tell you that the accountability it brings really works.  I was amazed at how much I accomplished in such a short time.   I’ve been holding them, for my clients ever since.  Try it, you’ll like it!  Plus, you have nothing to lose.  Try it for 2 hours and if you don’t get your money’s worth (HAHA) do something else.

Maria Marsala Coach Maria, Your Integrity Day Facilitator

Upcoming Dates in 2022

July 12


10:00 Eastern Integrity Day Begins!

Set the Intention – Tell the group what actions you want to take in the next hour.

11:00 Eastern Check-in

Shares, celebrations, and challenges – Tell us what you did, what setbacks and wins you had.  Then tell us what you plan to do in the next hour.  Stay if you'd like for an optional fear exploration breakout for those who want team support.

12:00 Eastern Check-in

1:00 Eastern Check-in

2:00 Eastern Wrap up & Celebrate!

Have a Super-Focused and Productive Day Working ON Your Business or Life

Join us on the next Integrity Day and either do it, delegate it, or dump it!

The energy on these calls is contagious, and you’ll be amazed at how invigorated you feel as you accomplish more (and get those to-dos “to-done").

Special FREE Event

now. Attend this event free.

Receive 2 bonuses:

  1. The Clean Sweep Checklist. A $197 value.
  2. The Tolerations List.  A $297 value.

These two assessments will help you to see some of your time and energy wasters.  Start clean sweeping your tolerations even before attending Integrity Day.  That will start the process of taking your time back and removing energy wasters from your business and life.   Then continue the process of "to doing" important projects during the call.

What Attendees Are Saying About Integrity Day

Christine Mifsud, Business Writer, Oviedo, FL

"I was impressed that something as simple as having to be accountable every hour on the hour provided just the right amount of motivation to get things done and resist distractions. I also continue to benefit from the projects I finished and my nicely organized file cabinet saves me so much time!"

Brenda Wal, Independent Prepaid Legal Assoc., Kingston, WA

"...it was extremely empowering and helpful. The tasks I accomplished had been sitting there, waiting for me to tackle them, for some time. Knowing that I would be calling in and reporting on how I had handled them encouraged me to finish them in a much quicker manner and with a “can do” attitude."

Sandy Scott, Owner, WA Safe Secure, Port Gamble, WA

"The Tolerations work you gave us to do the day before the event helped me focus on 6 tasks and get them done before I even began your program!  PLUS Integrity Day was the most productive day I have had in ages. I feel great about what I was able to accomplish and I’m ready to whip out the finishing touches tomorrow."

Mike Valentine , Search Engine Consultant, Long Beach, CA

"I completed a task I had been dreading! The excitement of that accomplishment carried over into the following week and helped me get even more done that I had been putting off."

Mary Lee LaBay, Hypnotherapist, Author, Bellvue, WA

"Your Integrity Day gave me a kick-start to gain momentum on tasks I was putting off. Thank you for holding this “day retreat” – it was inspirational."

Integrity Day Steps

  • 1. Register
  • 2. Create your to-do list based on 2-6 activities you’ve been putting off–activities you know will help you either grow your firm or live your life better.
  • 3. Block off the Integrity Day hours on your calendar. Ask your assistant and family not to disturb you.
  • 4. Make your lunch, bring your snacks, and make sure you have plenty of refreshments in the fridge.
  • 5. Every hour “on the hour”, we’ll all call in for a quick call. You’ll answer the questions a) Did you accomplish what you said you’d do? B) Why or why not? And c) What do you plan to do the next hour?
  • 6. The first session will be a little longer because you’ll be sharing your name, title, who your ideal client is (in 10-15 words), and your website address.
  • 7.The process repeats every hour of the program. Each participant will take 30 seconds to report on their progress, and then declare goals for the next hour.
  • 8. You’ll have my personal phone number and I’ll be available for on-the-spot coaching if you’re feeling stuck, frustrated, or distracted.
  • 9.The final call will be a wrap-up session. Take a minute or so to share your experiences.
  • 10.By the end of the day, you’ll see that you’ve accomplished more in 5 hours than you typically would have accomplished in a week or longer!


What equipment do I need?

We'll meeting via Skype, which you can put on your computer, laptop, or phone.  Download  for free here.

What if I can’t attend the whole event?

It's best if you put aside the whole day to complete personal or business projects.  However, if you need to leave early, just don't show up "on the hour".  You’re bound to make massive progress toward tasks on your to-do list if you put aside the day, so sign up right now.

Can I invite non-business friends to Integrity Day?

Of course.  Just send them the link to this page.


What if I’m unsure that I want to attend?

Attend for 2 hours and if you don't feel that you've gotten your money’s worth, you're free to not show up for the 3rd hour.  But give it your all.


What if I want to attend more Integrity Days?

Once you register, you'll be on the list for future announcements. Attend as many Integrity days as you'd like.


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