31 Ways to Create a More Credible and Trustworthy Website

Consult this checklist and attract your ideal clients to your company.

You want to convert website visitors into prospects, right?

Trust must be earned.  Your visitors need to feel like you KNOW them.

One way to earn trust is to make your website "speak to them".   Not literally, but in graphics and words.

Then they need to LIKE you.

In this report, you’ll discover many ways to create a friendly website that persuades visitors to leave their contact information so you can keep in touch with them.

This report is your guide to transforming your website from a bland brochure to a trustable information guide to your services.  You’ll find specific, tactical, and pragmatic approaches to every facet of creating a site that your ideal clients will want to visit again.

A few highlights of the report are:

  • How to engage casual visitors so they will come back when they’re ready.

  • Whether you’re creating your first website, replacing what you have, or making tweaks to your site, use this checklist to design a website your ideal clients will remember.

  • Learn how to make sure that ALL visitors -- no matter what digital device they are using -- smartphones, notepads, laptops, or computers -- can easily read your website.

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