Bottom Line….

I understand and agree on the following:

  1. I have never been coached by Maria, nor had a free session with Maria before.
  2. I can schedule a 15-minute call a day, Monday through Friday* (US weekdays), and we will work on as many goals as I am willing to accomplish.  My large goals will be “chunked down” into small doable pieces. 
  3. Prior to scheduling my calls, I will complete the “happy homework” that I agreed to do on our last call and send it to Maria.
  4. To apply, I don’t send the payment to Maria, yet.   However, I must have the $1497 payment money ready, complete the application below, and schedule an initial 30-minutes session with Maria within the next 7 days.
  5. My progress is based on doing the work, which Maria calls “happy homework”, because it will help me move towards my goals.
  6. Once I fill-in the application, have all my questions answered, and submit payment, I fully understand that there are no refunds. Either I’m all in … or I will not submit payment. 
  7. I understand that Maria is limiting this offer to the first 10 new clients who fill-in the application, ask questions, submit payment, and commit to the process “full on”.   She will not allow anyone to pay if she does not feel she can help them




*If you are located in the UK, European Union, India, Philippines, South Africa, or other countries where individuals speak English OR if you are located in any country but have an excellent command of English, Maria will make sure that she’s available your time zone at least 3 hours a day, in addition to being available in EST)