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Discover the Simple System
For Creating Your 2020-2021
Business Vision Statement

(a guide to help you run your
business in the next 16 months)

This secret weapon, when written in plain English, is the first part of EVERY planning process.  Right?   Don't you help your clients by asking about their vision first?).

Create Your Vivid Business Vision


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

11 am EST / 10am CST / 9am MTN / 8am PST

8:30 pm IST   /   4 pm BST

A VBV is a very simple way for advisors and business owners to get hyper-focused on what's most important for growth in the upcoming year.  Create yours right now.

In the unedited replay, we'll cover:

  • The biggest mistake advisor-owners make when they market and how you can AVOID falling into that trap.
  • The #1 KEY TASK you MUST complete to transform the time you spend on your business into revenue.
  • Everything you need to complete a solid draft of your 2020 Vivid Business Vision before the free workshop ends.

Receive 2 bonuses when you attend LIVE event:

  1. The Vivid Vision Template. A $99 value.
  2. Send me your vision within 24 hours of registering for the program and I'll critique your VBV once for you.  A $199 value.
Wanda Harris, Personal & Commercial Lines Manager, Interactive Advisory Network (IAN), LLC

"You recharged my battery and filled my tank with fresh vision to continue my journey with focus and determination."

Maureen T., PA/PFS, CFP®

"Maria’s Business Vision Statement workshop goes two steps further than most programs I’ve taken: Maria gives constructive feedback AND more ideas to consider. She graded my paper–it was just like going to school–and her comments made my vision more complete and specific. I can move forward now, with a clear, defined vision that gives me direction."

Monica B., APA, CEBS

"Maria had us create 3 visions. That gave me a timeline to review what I need to do to grow my business and made me think about where I want my business to be in 10 or 15 years, and when I want to retire. A few things I had never really thought about."

Johanna (Heermann) Wise, CEO, Connect•Work•Thrive LLC,

"Maria’s Business Vision Statement workshop was very systematized and well-organized with a good mix of theory and practicality. The questions in her process were impactful and caused me to focus on the activities most important to my bottom line.

As a business owner, it’s so easy to operate on auto-pilot; the BVS process moved me into action. I immediately changed several areas of my business. I made conscious decisions to stop spending time on certain non-revenue producing tasks and re-prioritize others. Creating the Business Vision Statement forced me to put pieces of my business together that I never put together before, which leveraged my time and created a new revenue stream!

Usually, writing a business vision statement is overwhelming and difficult, but Maria broke everything down into small, doable pieces and really took the pain out of the process."