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Marketing With Integrity: What To Put In Your First Bio

Stategic Business Coach, Planning Strategist Maria Marsala by Maria Marsala

Summary: If you're not sure what should be placed in your bio, this article will assist you.


Have you wondered what information to include on your first Business Press Release? Possibly, you are writing a "bio" to attach to an article or to send to a potential client. Maybe you're designing a brochure or web site and are looking for a place to start? The gift of using this Top Ten is that you will have a multi-purpose useful information sheet and that you can use the information over and over again!

1. List business name, your name, business address (street, city, state, full zip code), phone number(s), fax number(s), primary e-mail address and URL (web address).

2. List services and/or products provided.

3. What experience do you bring to your business? Also, list affiliations, professional associations, certificates, etc.

4. Background on your company.

5. Why and/or how did you get into your current business?

6. What sets you apart in the business world?

7. Why should someone do business with you rather than your competition?

8. Who are your clients? What is your market?

9. Have you received significant recognition for your business? Include awards, testimonials, articles published etc.

10. What is your business and/or personal mission statement?

© 2017 Elevating Your Business. Maria Marsala specializes in guiding independent financial professionals; accountants, CPAs, advisors, brokers, RRs, and RIAs, to increase their P.E.P - profitability, efficiency and productivity. For 20 years on Wall Street, she helped retail financial professionals sell more and secure loyal clients. Have you tried to acquire more clients and found that your system is no longer working? Then it's time to uncover the areas of your business screaming for your immediate attention and those that deserve a big hurrah! Request Maria's Empire Builder Kit (free) at

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