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"Who Else Hates Writing But Wants To Use Articles To Quickly Gain Visibility While Becoming a Credible, Published Author, and Turn Your Knowledge Into Cash?"

Get our practical advice on using articles to market your service business. On this page are links to jump-start your article marketing content writing campaign. You'll find links to articles, the resources you use, templates, and our super-duper Article Marketing program, too.

Marketing using articles is one of the best ways I know how to market on the Internet. Why, you ask? Well, consider this... you write an article, become a "published author," magazines and prospects find you and you start building credibility and a following. Then you find at least 10 ways to use your articles to gain new clients, or bring pre-qualified visitors to your site and increase your ezine subscriber base, too. Your subscribers are the first ring in your marketing funnel. As you build a relationship with your subscribers they become clients, students or purchasers of your services or products. KEWL or what!

How? Listen, if I can write, so can you. I almost didn't get out of elementary because of my "unique" use of grammar, punctuation and spelling. What I know is that if you have an idea, you can write an article. And it if needs proofreading or editing, do what I did -- hire someone to do that stuff.

About the Owner of this Site

Maria Marsala, strategic business coach and former Wall Street trader has been called an Article Marketing pioneer since she's been article marketing since 1998, yes you read that right! She wrote the first ebook on promoting your business using Article Marketing in 2000, a book that is updated from time to time and is still available today!

Elevating Your Business (Maria's main company) was one of the first companies to offer an articles submission program for clients back in late 1999 and we did so till 2005. We've been published in magazines globally. And our articles that appear on the web, even from back in 2000, still bring us subscribers and radio, TV, and Teleclass requests! The power of Article Marketing!

Leverage Your Marketing

You want to help you bring qualified traffic to your web site so that visitors become subscribers to your ezine and ultimately purchase your products or services. You've heard how link popularity can raise your ratings in the search engines. Maybe you've written a few articles or tips or top-ten lists for your clients - or maybe you haven't written them... yet.

Once you write an article or articles, you leverage them. Leveraging means that you develop many ways to use one thing. In this case, you find many ways to use your articles to promote your business. Like turning your articles into a special report, ecourse, ebook, CDs, classes or even your very first book! Below are the best article-writing and marketing resources available. Use them and quickly write and promote your business using articles. Learn how we did it and do it! Click here

Turn Your Articles into Cash

Take the knowledge you have in your brain and turn that knowledge into cash. How? Write an article. Then take your article and use it in your ezine. Create more articles. Turn them into classes, ebooks, and even a book. Then when you speak, sell what you've created! It's all possible and I'll show you exactly how we've done it.

We'll show you how it's done. Receive:

Publishers: Are You Looking For Quality Articles?

Do you own a web site or publish an ezine, blog or print publication? The author of this site, Maria Marsala, writes how-to business, internet, marketing and a few self-help articles. Her style is what her readers call "view it and do it." If you are a publisher, you can view some of Maria's articles here. Then ask us for permission to use our articles, with a resource box in your ezine, blog, or website. Start here.

Articles To Help You Market Using Articles

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I consider these two websites the best of the best when it comes to article marketing. They've both been around since the 1990's, too. So there is a lot of traction and visits by the search engines, too! You can also syndicate my articles from these sites, too. Ideal Marketers.com and click on the graphic below, too.

Maria Marsala, EzineArticles.com Platinum Author

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